Joe Gibbs will present Bobby Beathard at Hall of Fame induction

Bobby Beathard served as Washington’s General Manager from 1978-89, hiring Joe Gibbs in 1981 as his coach. The two had great success together.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Beathard has selected Gibbs as his Hall of Fame presenter, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced Wednesday.

We were together so long, so I think he knows more about me and what I did in football, Beathard said of Gibbs, via the Hall of Fame.

Jerry Kramer will have his daughter, Alicia Kramer, serve as his presenter.

Alicia Kramer started a movement to keep her father’s name familiar to selectors, resurrecting his Hall candidacy five years ago.

One of my biggest takeaways is how valuable our time is to others, Stills wrote on Twitter, where he documented the trip. Next time you go to write a check think about volunteering instead. Mentorship is the most direct route to impacting the next generation.

While ers such as Stills have become pariahs in certain quarters, he’s showing that he’s not simply a one-dimensional football er, and that he’s actively trying to work to improve his community and others in the process.

Ross has traditionally been supportive of activism like Stills’, but the mess he found himself in this week shows the thin line between the rights of his ers to peacefully protest and the realities that it angers a portion of his customer base. But anyone angry about Stills taking a knee during the anthem would also do well to see the work he’s doing far beyond the sidelines.

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